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Young Performer


A unique accelerated method 
Taught by a national award-winning professional vocalist

This unique method is not what you see on YouTube or anywhere else.
It's physical and mental development that gets you where you need to be fast!



This works on every human being
Physical results by the third lesson

This is not the kind of sessions you see on  YouTube.
We use physical exercises and a unique teaching method 
that's designed to develop the muscles you sing with. This results in rapid development.


Customized to Fit Your Needs

Basic singing lessons | Physical Development (results) weekly.

For ages 3 and up depending on attention span. Sold only by the month.


One thirty-minute session per week

One-hour Class option (gets you there twice as fast)

 One sixty-minute session per week.



1. How to follow along with a tune or melody. 

2. Learn Diaphragmatic breathing to support your singing.

3. Learn how to support your singing voice. 

4. Learn how to follow the music and sing in time. (Timing)

5. Diaphragmatic Exercises to develop the muscles you sing with.

6. Intonation training. (learning how to sing in pitch) 


Voice will be stronger, physical results by the third lesson, easier to sing overall, easier to sing higher, breathing with less effort, intonation improves.

It takes four months on average for a person to develop their diaphragm and pharyngeal muscles

for adequate singing.


Intense one hour session

Professional Caliber Training

4 - Intensive One Hour Weekly Sessions

 (sold only by the month)

1. Vowel and consonant pitch migration 

2. Diaphragmatic development

3. Extended rib breathing, Pinhole Breathing, Intercostal Breathing

5. Range acceleration training

6. Advanced tone variation in your songs/usage of your three resonators 

7. Four times the physical Exercise

First noticeable physical and mental results in the first lesson


By the third lesson, results include

Singing Stronger, Singing Higher, Holding Notes Longer.


At the end of each intensive session, you will experience a physical difference in your vocal capabilities.

By the second session, you will also notice an increase in your breathing capacity and be able to breathe easier.

By the third lesson, you will be able to feel the shift in your abilities with singing, including significant improvement in your vocal strength, and reach into upper and lower registers and get there faster

By the fourth session, you will notice that your voice has gotten thicker, with more weight and a solid tone to your voice.

You will be significantly stronger. You will also learn how to manage your energy, achieving the ideal tone for your voice in different genres. You will also learn how to adjust the timbre of your voice and change your tone color. 




For Television, Radio, Internet Presenters, Zoom, Social Media, Podcast, Webinar, and Seminar Hosts

12 weeks - One sixty minute session per week

For Webinar Hosts, Podcasters, Entrepreneurs, and Public Speakers.


1. Diaphragmatic development to increase support for speaking

2. Learn how to articulate more clearly with the appropriate intonation for your application.

3. Learn how to breathe properly with longer phrasing while speaking. 

4. Strengthen and learn to use the pharyngeal muscles for improved resonance, presence, tone and strength.

5. Learn how to find your natural speed and rhythm when speaking.

6. Learn how to adjust the projection of your voice for the size of your audience.

7. Learn three different modes of expression with your voice and how to read copy properly.

8. Learn how to read commercial copy.

9. Learn soft, medium and Hard-sell modes.

10. Learn Narraration modes.

11. Learn how to breathe for ideal reading.



At the end of the program, you will be able to project your voice with confidence, using the appropriate volume to fit your audience. When you speak, people will listen. You will learn proven techniques to command and captivate an audience with your voice. When you speak, heads will turn. You will be able to read radio and Television commercials like a professional. 


Vocal Development is about achieving vocal strength, the ability to captivate an audience of any size, and the power to have your presence felt.


Fear, anxiety, minimization and management

12 weeks / One intensive sixty-minute session per week.

1. Understanding the elements of fear.
2. Understanding the short and long-term effects of fear in emotional well-being, health and your thought process, and how to reverse it.
3. Understanding the triggers of fear, how to immediately diminish them and move forward. 
4. Mental, Spiritual and Physical exercises with processes that diminish and eliminate all elements of fear. 
5. Increase your awareness of sensing confidence in yourself.
6. Meditation techniques 
7. Writing exercises
8. Body language / Posture awareness and techniques
9. Learn how words impact your confidence.
11. Energy Management
14. Bringing to your awareness the subconscious fears that are hidden.

Outcomes: Able to manage fear effectively./ Settling of the emotions. Able to calmly handle problems with ease. Lowered anxiety levels. 
Able to handle meetings and lead teams with little effort. Able to speak in public venues calmly without fear.
Stress levels are considerably lower and you'll be happier.



In 1989, we became Hawaii's first commercial Singing School known as Voicemaster Singing School. We were located at 1427 Dillingham Blvd. for 23 years. Due to the internet age and the demand for confident, assertive salespeople, webinar, podcasters, speakers, and digital presenters of all kinds, we evolved into Voicemaster Vocal Development with our unique method that gets our students to improve every lesson! Then in 2022 we moved our executive offices to 1003 Bishop St. in Pauahi Tower and teach exclusively online. We've developed over seven thousand children and adults with our unique method that gets results weekly. Our confidence program has transformed thousands of introverts and has created assertive, confident people out of them.



Words from My Accomplished Students

I’ve been going to Voice Masters for about 9 months and have seen a huge improvement in my singing, speech, and overall self-confidence. Junior explains and breaks everything down in a way that make things simple and easy to understand. He is very patient, encouraging, and teaches using positive reinforcement. I would definitely recommend Voice Masters not just for the signing and music aspect, but more importantly the overall self-confidence and self-improvement that Voice Masters helps unlock within you!

Bryan H.

The Voicemaster Vocal Development has made a tremendous impact on my 12 year old son who lacked self-confidence and the ability to see the true value in himself. The support, encouragement and skills he learned, embraced and received through every session has truly created the confidence he needs to step outside the box and take risks to discover who he truly wants to be. With every session, he grows and grows and we are so excited to continue to see the progress he makes. Mahalo Nui Junior Kekuewa for your natural gift of talent, love and aloha you so willing share with everyone but more importantly for equipping our son with the tools that he needed to see what he is capable of being and what he is yet to become! From the bottom of our hearts, mahalo for believing in him💞

Rosalind H.

Best place to build vocal ability but more importantly, confidence and stage presence. Witnessed dramatic transformation of my son, Darrin, as he progressed through the past seven years at VoiceMaster. Must enroll to experience the magic!!!

Cynthia C.

I had never taken vocal lessons in my life before meeting junior at voicemaster vocal development. I used to just sing having no idea how my voice actually worked- now, I’m learning and using my voice in ways I didn’t think I could. I can honestly say that it is worth the time, effort, and money to invest in your voice if it’s something you’re passionate about. My voice lesson is something I look forward to every week. Junior is great, professional, and caring. The best part about this place, which is why I chose to go here and continue to go every week, is- it’s not just about singing- it’s about building the confidence to use your voice. Give this place a try, you’ll love it. *****10/10 *****

Sonya R.



Junior Kekuewa Jr.

Junior Kekuewa Jr. is a Voice Teacher, Voice Actor, Voiceover Artist, Producer, Life Coach, and Author.
His occupations have also included Radio and Television Personality, Recording Artist, and Hawaii's Entertainer®️
Junior is a Multiple National and Local Award Winning Vocalist and Composer, with two coveted Pele Awards for voiceovers in Hawaii, and six national Silver Microphone Awards for music, voiceovers, production, and music compositions.