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Welcome to Voicemaster Vocal Development


Here for you Life Coaching


A holistic, process that produces singing, self expression, self confidence, and healing; all at the same time.


The Voicemaster/ Here for You Life Coaching

In 1989, we became Hawaii's first commercial Singing School known as Voicemaster Singing School. Due to the internet age and the demand for confident and assertive sales people and speakers, we re-imaged into Voicemaster Vocal Development in 2015. 

Since 1989 we have developed over 7000 individuals, and have never encountered anyone we couldn't develop. When we started we went door to door as a mobile service in a $400.00 Toyota. In 1999 we moved into our retail space at 1427 Dillingham Boulevard and taught there for twenty one years until the covid outbreak of 2020. Now we teach exclusively online, with the same results as we always did in person; as fast as the first lesson, and physical results as fast as the second or third lesson; no other school or private teacher that we know of makes these claims or development.

Then in 2007 we noticed the dramatic changes in people's lives that were achieved by our combining Law of Attraction principles with our vocal training, thereby creating our registered method 'Motivational Self-Development Through the Human Voice'. Our method is a combination of physiology, psychology and metaphysics, utilizing healing properties of frequency and solfeggio tones. It's effect on the human brain is profound; so much so that we began Life Coaching primarily for adults and at risk teens at www.hereforyou.live. Our Life Coaching areas of specialization include Career, Relationships and Personal Development. We address the mental physical and spiritual aspects of the human being, and tailor a specialized plan for each individual. Although we make no medical claims, we receive referrals from Psychologists and have helped many overcome major life-challenges. Most people are unaware of the power of frequency concerning healing, the calming effects it has on the mind, and the confidence it brings. One of the things a human has to assist in their healing and self development of any kind, is their voice. Find your voice, find yourself. The developments in people's lives were so profound, we wrote about the small miracles we were witnessing in our book on Amazon called The Universal Law of Attraction and Singing.


Voicemaster Vocal Development
Here for you Life Coaching 


Little Music Fan

Vocal Development Half Hour Sessions
$185.00 plus tax for four sessions


This includes muscle development, and working on a song or two of your choice. The lesson is primarily comprised of physical exercise to develop the muscles you sing with. The song you sing is really not that important, the focus is you, your muscles and your understanding of who you are in relation to your voice. The lesson also includes out of the box thinking to help get you away of the Hollywood ten-foot-tall comparisons, and break down everything so you have a better understanding of yourself and capabilities, which are from our standpoint, unlimited.

Male Singer

One Hour Sessions
$350.00 plus tax for four sessions


This includes twice the muscle development, and working on a song or two of your choice. The lesson is also primarily comprised of physical exercise to develop the muscles you sing with. Again, the song you sing is really not that important, the focus is you. If you are a Professional, recording artist, or entering a pageant or contest, this is exactly what you need. We have many business professionals that give lectures, presentations and speak to large groups regularly that take this class. It provides the physical and mental development that you'll need for demanding situations like professional applications.

Working From Home

Life Coaching Sessions
$175.00 half hr. twice a month
Amazing results in eight weeks

We've been Life Coaching since 2010. Our clients are from all walks of life, seeking comfort from things like anxiety, non-clinical depression, lack of self confidence, motivation, and lack of purpose.

Our holistic method of treatment includes meditation, affirmations, and various Law of Attraction techniques that teaches people how to live their dreams, manifest their desires and realize their full potential. Our clients can turn their entire life around with our method in sixty six days. Beginning results start occurring in two weeks. The cornerstone of our method is confidence training. Click on the following link: Here For You Life Coaching to learn more and sign up for sessions that will change your life. Or you can sign up here. Don't forget to ask for our special offers.


A little about your Voice Teacher / Life Coach



Junior Kekuewa Jr. is known for living his dreams. Junior is a Life Coach,  Author, Holistic Voice Teacher. Retired Entertainer, Recording Artist, Composer, Producer, Ventriloquist, Instrumentalist, Mimic, and Radio Personality.

In Business, Kekuewa along with Wayne Borje and Maile Grim founded Voicemaster Enterprises LLC. Voicemaster Enterprises is the parent company of Voicemaster Vocal Development formerly Voicemaster Singing School; Hawaii’s first formal singing school, VMAC Consultants, Hawaii's first social media advertising agency specializing in creative advertising and marketing. AFM Worldwide LLC dba AFM Hawaii Music, Wild Wahine Enterprises LLC dba Wild Wahine Modelz, Screenmaster Pictures LLC, Wild Wahine Magazine LLC, Universal Motivation LLC, and Premium Products International LLC, creators of Junior's Jerky and Patriot Merch.

Junior is also the creator of registered methods: ‘The Forward Method’, and Motivational Self-Development Through the Human Voice, and has mentored, trained and developed over 7000 students in Voice and Life Coaching in since 1989. Read more about his method and holistic practice in his inspirational book 'The Universal Law of Attraction and Singing' on Amazon.

He will show you how to live your dreams as well. Anyone is able to learn the power of CAN!


The book that has motivated many towards change


The Universal Law Of Attraction and Singing

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Voicemaster Five-Star Customer Reviews from Google

I’ve been going to Voice Masters for about 9 months and have seen a huge improvement in my singing, speech, and overall self-confidence. Junior explains and breaks everything down in a way that make things simple and easy to understand. He is very patient, encouraging, and teaches using positive reinforcement. I would definitely recommend Voice Masters not just for the signing and music aspect, but more importantly the overall self-confidence and self-improvement that Voice Masters helps unlock within you!


When Junior heard my resounding proclamation..."I only sing in the car, alone!". He responded the same as most voice instructors do assuring me that everyone can sing, and yet there was something different there. What I wasn't prepared for was the "stepping into my power" journey that I was about to embark on. Being in the healing and wellbeing arena for the last 20 years, I'm familiar with the words/concepts release and transformation. My first lesson was nothing less than that! I found so much value in being able to move forward and truly believe in myself! Letting go of the limiting beliefs that I had heard growing up and had accepted as real. Sound and tonal healing are so effective. Tones have healing properties that can guide you to your best self and to actually be making the sounds and vibrations with your own voice/vessel raises you to the level of the tones you are singing.
I'm so much more self assured and have a new revived sense of "happy self"!
I'll be forever grateful to Junior for believing in me until I stepped into that belief on my own! I highly recommend this as a tool for personal growth and to assist in stepping into your own personal power, whatever that might mean to you.
With love and light.


The method that is taught at Voicemaster is really the best. I have been singing all my life but since being trained at Voicemaster I have improved so much in every area of my life. Not only has it helped my singing and stage precense etc but through the many years of taking lessons to make my voice better I discovered that I can write songs. From that day on my self confidence skyrocketed. Now I feel like no matter what life throws at me I will always conquer whatever the challenges. The method that they use at Voicemaster really does work within the first 4 weeks. And the conference boost will last a lifetime



Here For You Life Coaching

Five-Star Customer Reviews from Google

Just last year around October I had considered hiring a life coach but after talking with her, I decided I could do it myself and save the money. Then this year I decided I've had enough of a mediocre life and will make some changes. It's a new year, a new decade and new chapter in my life. That's when I met Junior and from the start, he could see exactly what I needed to work on. I have been seeing psychologists and therapists my entire adult life but I can honestly say no one pinpointed or was effective with resolving my issue, which was very deeply rooted.
I know it in my soul and bones that he was right! I'm amazed at how quickly he understood me. His plan for me was to work from the inside out. It's a struggle to make the change but I've been persistent at doing the lessons and have made good progressive. I am happier and more confident than when I first started. I still have some ways to go, but with Junior's guidance I know I will succeed. Can't change the past but I can change for the better for the rest of my life!!


So this man has changed my life and don't even know it! This man can open your eyes to how things really are instead of how they appear I would recommend to my friends family and anybody else that is seeking to just live a better life both mentally and physically!

Joseph Julius Toth Ii


I always thought I was good as “self reflecting” but Junior definitely helped my dig in and find the subconscious blockages that are keeping from vibrating at my highest most best self.
From just talking to me over the phone, to sending videos, mantras, and guidance, Junior was and has been there for me ever since I reached out.
Thank You again
So grateful🙏🏽



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