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Plans for all levels


Singing made easy with monthly training!

  • Immediately Improve Your Singing. (Any Level, Any Style)
  • How to deal with stage fright or anxiety.
  • Extend Your Vocal Range.

          A half-hour once a week

$195 / Month


Become a great singer in twelve weeks!

  • How to increase vocal range, strength, endurance, stability and confidence.
  • Learn How To Hit The High Notes. Guaranteed!
  • STOP Pushing and Squeezing Into The High Notes, GUARANTEED.

One hour, once a week

$1000 $1140 / 12 weeks


Six-week fast-track training to singing like a Pro!

  • You'll be able to sing with much more control, confidence, consistency, and better overall tone.
  • You'll be able to sing with much better technique - saving your voice from future damage.
  • Increase vocal range without force or pressure whilst improving strength and tone.

One hour, twice a week

$2500 $2880 / 6 weeks


The most powerful, effective, and unique singing lessons in the world. Physical results by the second or third session! A complete voice training plan, and simple vocal exercises you can follow each day in addition to 'live weekly sessions' to totally transform your voice into an amazing singer! Sessions are private one to one with Junior online (virtual).

This is not like anything you've ever seen or experienced. It's physical development for your voice and confidence.

All the basics to build a solid foundation for your voice. Including:

  • Rapidly developing the muscles you sing with 
  • Producing a richer and more resonant voice
  • Projecting with less effort  
  • Command attention with your voice
  • Extending your range both higher and lower
  • Achieving confidence in your vocal ability 
  • Holding your notes longer

Who this course for:

  • Singers of all levels; Beginners, Intermediate, and Professionals.
  • Singers that seek to increase vocal range, endurance and stability for singing.
  • Students prepared to train and practice 30 - 120 minutes, 2 - 6 days a week.
  • Students that are fed up with programs that do not work, that seek a Private Coach that will finally give them results.
  • People who are tired of spending money with other methods and getting little to no results.

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Meet Your Instructor, Junior

Junior Kekuewa Jr. has been a Vocal Development Specialist since 1989, in addition to that, he's also done work as a professional Voice Actor, Voiceover Artist, Music Producer, Radio and Television Personality, Recording Artist, Professional Mentor, and Hawaii's Entertainer®️ Ret.
Junior is also an author and has also won several National awards as a Voice Actor, Vocalist, and Composer. In 1989 he began developing a unique approach to voice training that develops the muscles used in speaking and singing and presenting students with a unique way of thinking about the process.
By 2010 his technique had become the most rapid method known for vocal development, unlike the Classical Voice Method that is commonly taught.
With his instruction and guidance, Junior has transformed the lives of over 7000 individuals documented in his book on Amazon entitled 'The Universal Law of Attraction and Singing', and has helped thousands of people become confident presenters, speakers, singers, and people.

Learn how to sing better than anyone else!