You get results as fast as the very first lesson!

Our unique registered method sets us apart from everyone else. We focus on the individual and do not use a one size fits all approach.

It involves physical exercise that develops the muscles used in singing. Most people come to us seeking to become better singers or when other methods have failed to give them results.


When they experience our method and the rapid progress; most stay for years. We get students from other Teachers that use Classical Teaching methods due to the lack of physical development;  our students develop in three to four lessons. Intensive articulation training wastes time and money if you are singing in English. It's only beneficial if you are performing Classical Music such as Italian Aria's or foreign languages.

We make no medical claims, but receive referrals from Psychologists due to the rapid psychological improvements that our method promotes. We address the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the human voice and how to apply it. We have developed and changed many with Autism, people who experienced trauma, extreme stress and other 

psychological issues. We specialize in patience, care and understanding.

Half hour lessons are good for steady improvement, and if you're seeking rapid confidence and performing or auditioning, we have one-hour classes as well. 

Our Students have won almost every talent contest in Hawaii in the last thirty one years. Our students have appeared on Local and National T.V. Shows and have been featured in shows, performances and various venues in Hawaii and elsewhere. Please read our Google and Yelp reviews.

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Junior Kekuewa Jr.


Voicemaster Vocal Development
Celebrating 32 Years of service! 1989 - 2021  

Now Featuring Beginning Guitar and Ukulele Classes.

A little of our story

Our humble beginnings after our training in Classical music, was doing door to door house-calls in the community as a mobile service, and taught our first student for free. Then we taught out of our recording studio in Kalihi Valley, until we moved into our current location that we've occupied since 2000. We were the only advertised Voice Teacher in the Yellow Pages when we started in 1989. Yellow Pages were actually a thing back then! ​

Since then, Voicemaster Vocal Development has led the field of vocal training for singing and holistic healing through the human voice in Hawaii. We are Hawaii's oldest formal singing school, originally known as Voicemaster Singing School.

We have re-imaged our selves into Voicemaster Vocal Development because the digital age has brought with it the need for more people to speak confidently in public and on the internet. We develop voices for any application including Public Speaking for seminars, webinars, video blogs, and more.

We offer a unique educational experience designed to develop and enhance evey aspect of each student's voice. We believe and recognize that every student is an individual, and our method is designed to exclusively address that. We don't apply a 'one size fits all' approach, but rather a 

tailored method of instruction and understanding to suit the individual.

Our focus is you, and create results with you as fast as the very first lesson.

We welcome all people and especially those with challenges. We specialize in challenges.

We make no medical claims, however we get referrals from mental health professionals who have seen the results that our method has on the emotional level of people, and how confidence is brought about by producing energy, frequency, vibration combined with velocity. Some of our students parents have thanked us because their child no longer needed depression medication.

Every student is special to us, and we've developed over 7000 of them since 1989.

We're here to show individuals how they CAN!

Singing is expressing your inner self

Exceeding Students Expectations
with over 7000 served since 1989

Ukulele Lessons

An easy way to understand the process so anyone CAN!


Accelerated Vocal Development

Noticeable physical results within the first four lessons

4 copy.jpg

Guitar Lessons

A unique training method that accelerates learning and teaches students to transpose into any key!


We also teach Ventriloquism!
The power of CAN is amazing

The learning is always fun!

Hours depend on scheduling and are subject to change

Our Instructor
Hawaii's Entertainer
Junior Kekuewa Jr.

Teacher / Veteran Performer of over thirty years

Stage Entertainer, Ventriloquist, Mimick, Guitarist, Radio Personality, Author, Television Commentator, Comedy Voice Actor, Voiceover Talent, Radio Station Image Voice, Producer, Commercial Director, Production Specialist, Recording Artist.

Bio available upon request.


FaceTime / Skype

Half Hour Lessons

Voice, Ukulele, Guitar

$185.00 per month (Four lessons)

FaceTime / Skype

One Hour Lessons

Voice, Ukulele, Guitar

$350.00 Per Month (Four One Hour Lessons)

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"Insecurity kills all that is beautiful".

Demi Lovato


The Universal Law Of Attraction and Singing

Motivational Self-Development Through The Human Voice

The Universal Law of Attraction and Singing

The Universal Law of Attraction and singing tells the stories of real people who changed their lives through their voice with our unique method.

Amazing stories of how confidence led to other changes in people's lives including healing from trauma and how 'finding their voice' led to having the courage to make other changes in their lives outside of singing.

Click on the book now to go to Amazon and get this inspirational book of change!

808-375-6378 Extension 3

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I had never taken vocal lessons in my life before meeting junior at voicemaster vocal development. I used to just sing having no idea how my voice actually worked- now, I’m learning and using my voice in ways I didn’t think I could. I can honestly say that it is worth the time, effort, and money to invest in your voice if it’s something you’re passionate about. My voice lesson is something I look forward to every week. Junior is great, professional, and caring. The best part about this place, which is why I chose to go here and continue to go every week, is- it’s not just about singing- it’s about building the confidence to use your voice. Give this place a try, you’ll love it. *****10/10 *****

Sanya / Pet Groomer / Music Producer

Junior not only helped me with my singing but also with my confidence. You leave the studio feeling good and you see a huge difference in your voice in a short amount of time! He’s not only a vocal coach but also a person who cares about his students. He takes his time with each person and really tries to genuinely help each one. I used to be scared singing in public (even at karaokes) but now I hog the mic. Haha. Thank you junior for believing in me! ❤️

Samantha Sabandal / Office Clerk